AutoRig Script

Original Model by Momchil Stoyanov
I modified the original geometry to change it from a vehicle to a character
and rigged it using a combination of skinClusters and joint constraints

Geometry Checker Script

Originally Coded in MEL then later converted to Python
Used to color code all triangles, quads, endgons, and non-manifold geometry in a mesh

Daniel Barnes

Model by Jonas Thorngvist
Rigged in Maya using skinClusters and blendshapes

Additional Rigs:

Character TD


Script Videos:

Hotrod Character

All Code originally written in MEL and later converted to python.
Locators are used for setting the pivot locations of certain foot controls.

Model by Academy of Art University Resources
Rigged in Maya using a system of joints and constraints.
Animated using a motion pathType your paragraph here.

Misc Videos