Character TD

Shot Breakdown:

Shot 1
      Elf: Model by Matt Dragovits for the animated short A Tale for Christmas
             Setup in Maya 2011 using skinClusters and Blendshapes,
             as well as Maya Dynamic Curves for subtle hair animation. 

Shot 2
     Giraffe: Model by Academy of Art University Resources
                    I modified the original geometry slightly for better deformations and
                   rigged using a combination of skinClusters, blendshapes, softmod
                   sculpting deformer, and jiggle deformers in Maya 2011.

Shot 3
     Bassoon: I Modeled based off my Bassoon using Modo 501 and rigged in Maya 2011
                        using a system of joints, constraints, and script driven nodes.
                        Control Interface I scripted in Python.  The Character was setup with IK in the fingers
                        and constrained to the finger nodes.

Shot 3
     Girl: Model by thebeeeer at
              I rigged the body with skinClusters and blendshapes, and used a
             combination of wrap deformer and blendshapes for the clothes, as well as a
             jiggle deformer on the legs of her shorts.
             I rigged the hair with joint ikSplines and Maya dynamic hair curves.

Shot 4
      Bike: Model by saffan at
                I rigged the frame with joints and constraints in Maya 2011. The brake and
               shifter I rigged with skinClusters and ikSplines. Set up to work with
               motionpaths or normal animation keying.
               I animated in Maya 2011.

Daniel Barnes

Demo Reel