Character TD

About Me

Daniel Barnes

I am a graduate from Academy of Art University with my BFA in Visual Effects and Animation.  Previously, I had been a Computer Science major on the Dean's List at Moorpark Community College before transferring colleges.  I have always loved 3D animation and that lead me to seek a career in the Visual Effects Industry.  I have a meticulous attention to detail and was drawn to character setup because of its similar complexities to Computer Science.  Painting skinCluster weights to create smooth deformation is my favorite part of the rigging process.

I have experience working as a team player.  I spent 6 years in Marching bands, from junior high to high school, where we all had to work together in harmony or our music would be terrible.  I learned many things from my fellow band members, such as how to play saxophone and later bassoon, and used those skills to teach other band members how to play.

I have a high degree of proficiency with Maya, and I am comfortable using 3D Studio Max, Modo, and am very efficient at learning new tools.  I also have some experience with various distributions of Linux and programing in traditional languages such as C++ .NET, Visual Basic .NET, and Java.  I am a fast learner and enjoy learning new scripting languages.